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Fiercely Seasonal

Contemporary American Restaurant in Rochester, NY



A Local Commitment

Our restaurant opened in 2013 serving contemporary American and worldly cuisine. Tim is constantly innovating with his fiercely seasonal dinner menu, showcasing the restaurant’s bonds with local farmers and purveyors.

Janine's expertise and love for wine is shown by her carefully chosen wine list with close to 200 selections. Our cocktail menu also takes inspiration from seasonal offerings.

Offering three dining experiences: The Main Dining Room, Meyer’s Den and The Patio (seasonal).

Tim Caschette & Janine Wasley

Tim Caschette & Janine Wasley

Wine at AVVINO bar

Our Name

AVVINO comes from the wine term, "Avvinare.

The traditional European practice of priming stemware and decanters for proper wine service.

You pour a small sip of wine into your glass, swirl it, pour it into the glass of the person next to you, and repeat before finally discarding the sample. The glass you then serve has only the pure wine from the bottle, nothing altering its essential aroma or flavor.


Short Version

We love wine and good food.


Enjoy the moment. We've got this.

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